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Staff Photo - John and Kelly

John Kuvakas

 Senior Pastor



John was 

adopted at an early age and raised by two of the most loving folks a baby boy could be blessed with. He grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, in the tumultuous 1960’s and his worldview was formed by those amazing times of change. John married the love of his life, Kelly, in 1980. Two years later, he came to a knowledge of the saving grace of our Father through His only Son, Jesus Christ.

Staff Photo - John and Diane

Diane Strang

Church Administrator

(540) 222-8878

Diane is one of those people for whom was composed the truism, "We couldn’t have done it without you." She’s the go-to person for many aspects of our church life, the often unsung hero behind many of our ministries and efforts, and she works doggedly to assist our pastoral staff, elders, deacons and ministry leaders. She’s been on staff since 2007,