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The WBF Children’s Ministry seeks to provide a safe, nurturing environment where our children can develop a personal relationship with Christ. Our goal is to help establish a solid foundation of truth in our children and to support our families in cultivating lifelong Christ followers. Our leaders and volunteers strive to ensure that our children have a strong grasp and deep understanding of the message of the gospel.

Children Ministry – family


The Children’s Ministry is about more than just children. It’s about raising up the next generation of Christ followers in a time when the numbers of youth in the church are quickly dwindling. The Children’s Ministry is also about supporting families, by equipping and empowering parents to lead their families.

Children Ministry - hands


Your child’s security and safety is of the utmost importance to us. As such, all volunteers complete a background investigation and rooms are staffed with a minimun of two volunteers. If you are new, you will be asked to register your child and will receive a unique security code to be displayed at the time of pick-up. Children that are already registered will be issued security codes electronically and the parent/guardian will be asked to present that code at the time of pick-up.

Children Ministry – food


Should your child have any allergies, please let a volunteer know at the time of drop off so accommodations can be made. Rooms are nut free, but other allergens such as gluten, egg, or dairy may be present.

For more information, please contact:  Pastor Scott Ferrell.

(infant–4 yrs. old)

During Sunday School (10–10:45 am)
During 2nd Service (11 am–12:15 pm)

A safe and nurturing environment that cultivates community as our children begin their spiritual journey. Children will enjoy games, fellowship and a snack.

Sunday School
(5–9 yrs. old)

During Sunday School (10–10:45 am)

Children will discuss different topics on Biblical character development and learn how the lesson can be applied in their day-to-day lives. Children will also enjoy a short activity, fellowship and a snack.

Children’s Church
(5–9 yrs. old)

During 2nd Service (11 am–12:15 pm)

To help our children grow and strengthen their relationship with Christ, Children’s Church utilizes the Gospel Project curriculum. This curriculum chronologically examines the scriptures with a focus on how God’s plan of redemption unfolds.